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As an owner and operator of an auto repair shop, you know that servicing vehicles on a daily basis requires insurance coverage. Whether you’re doing mobile detailing, body work, or vehicle repair, it is an important and necessary asset. Especially if you are keeping vehicles overnight. Auto repair shops are unique and subsequently, your policies should reflect those unique risks.

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As an independent agent, Fairchild, Addison, & McKone Insurance can help you determine the type of insurance policy and range of coverage for your auto repair shop.

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Typical Auto Repair Shop Coverages in Florida

Liability Coverage

Protection for your auto repair shop in case of an on-site accident occurs that results in damage and / or injury of a customer.  Typically, this is the coverage that your landlord will want you to have.  When you purchase a generic general liability policy for a garage, this is what you are getting.  However, let’s say you have an employee working on the transmission and they make a mistake and now the transmission is ruined.  Would you expect your policy to cover this cost?

What about if a vehicle is staying overnight at your facility and someone steals it, or a tree falls on the vehicle.  Would you expect your policy to cover that?

How many vehicles do you commonly have in your care and what is the average value of those vehicles?

These are often the most important insurance coverages for a garage and they do not come standard.  If your agent isn’t asking you about these coverages, you should be.

Non-Owned Auto Coverage

This protects your company when your employees are driving customers’ vehicles when being test driven or just moved around the lot.  If your employee were to get into an accident while driving a customer’s car and they were at fault, you would need non-owned auto coverage for your policy to pay for the damages that your employee is responsible for (the third persons’ vehicle).  The physical damage to the car you were working on would be covered under a separate coverage.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

With so many moving parts, heavy machines and vehicles, complicated workflows and physical strain, workers’ compensation is a necessity in an auto repair shop’s insurance coverage. It provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees, mechanics and technicians in the event of an accident or injury resulting from their employment.

Property Coverage

Auto repair shops often require a lot of space (spray painting rooms, equipment storage, numerous bays), expensive tools and equipment. Property coverage protects against theft, disastrous events such as fires, as well as varied, optional coverage such as business income insurance and equipment breakdown coverage.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Fairchild, Addison, & McKone Insurance understands the insurance needs of our auto repair shop customers. The right coverage for you is unique – call us at (813) 681-4893 or email us today to find out how to protect your auto repair shop with the right insurance policy.

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